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She was also born several years before the major polio outbreaks, making polio unlikelyThis is usually how I refer to it in casual conversation, as do the artists I work with, but there is a bit of incongruity (maybe splitting hairs too much?) with Tate definition in that it does not allow for each component to be relocated separately as works on their own.have been thinking about the early Surrealist group shows which are installations of sorts «environments» at least where each work can be removed and exhibited elsewhere. Looking for this without a group context and also sited in a symbiotic way.hypothetical to describe this situation:As if Prada Marfa cheap nfl jerseys, by Elmgreen and Dragset, were an exhibition space hosting installations comprised of multiple discrete works cheap nfl jerseys, the totality of which symbiotically incorporated the structure, branded awnings etc, while also implicating the landscape and travel to the site, as the sculpture does now.will look more into Lippard, and am making my way through Kwon book at the moment! Thank you! 2 points submitted 19 days agoI’d still refer to it as site specific in that it relies on a predetermined location, and cheap nfl jerseys, once dismantled the work as a whole no longer exists. The fact that the medium is disparate artworks seems irrelevant.Edit: Do you have exact examples of works you are describing?Also Tate’s definition was a quick find and they’re not the definitive voice on the word.

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